Sailshade Studios


Art is Seeing the World in Individual Ways


Buckminster Fuller has been an early inspiration. Rather than the triangles of the geodesic dome, I have explored the structures of convex polygons and the french seam as the dominant force in the final form. Another pivotal departure point has been D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's On Growth and Form, a book used commonly in architecture school to study organic growth.

I find delight in the twists and turns of fabric under tensile forces. Geometric cuts that are sewn capture life's essential organic nature. I enter a world of creatures, both insect and microscopic, that are essentially me. I am Alice falling into a very different rabbit hole. I find my playful, daring and revolutionary self.

I am falling into a microscopic world that with the interplay of complex textures surfaces and smooth spatial areas I keep reinventing. The constant surprise as two dimensional surfaces become alive and form their unique three-dimensional organic self under the hum and rhythm of the sewing machine gives me peace. This process makes me smile, and wakes me up. I find my courage. I am one of these creatures. I live in this world.




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